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Who is Michelle Newkirk?

Someone who truely cares about your journey to radiant health

Michelle Newkirk

Michelle Newkirk

Owner and practitioner

Michelle J. Newkirk combines 15 years of natural health consulting experience with over 25 years in the medical field. She became a nurse in 1996, and has since worked in various capacities spanning from pre-natal care to hospice.  Seeing so many sick people who tended not to shed a diagnosis once they got one, she had to wonder, "Why?".

While a medical approach very effectively manages someone's disease process, it isn't doing a lot to keep people from getting there.

A third generation nurse, she was taught that her true role as a health care provider was to create an environment that best allows for healing...and just as important as the medications and procedures were the chats and emotional support. Her work today expands on that original mission.

In 2000, Michelle had her first experience with Bach Flower Essences, and was so impressed with their ability to help break persistent negative emotional patterns that she dove into the study of Bach Flower Therapy.  After taking classes with Certified Natural Health Professionals and The Bach Foundation, she began providing Bach consultations out of an office in Rochester, NY.

Her continuing studies, which include work with· CNHP and the Loomis Institute of Digestive Health, have led her to add Nutrition and Digestion Counseling to her role as a Natural Health Educator. She currently works out of her home in Rochester, NY, helping people to learn to better manage their emotional and nutritional health through individual consultations and classroom learning experiences.

Why I do it

Reason one

To help anyone who has a vision of starting on a path to radiant health .

Reason two

To educate those who would like to learn more about emotional and physical health.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

I have a passion for what I do.


Health and well-being consultations and education.

Emotional Health 

Bach Flower Therapy

Many of us say we're stressed, or disturbed, or diagnosed, but we're really just not taught how to deal with emotions.

When you feel a cold coming on, you eat some oranges. When your arm is broken, you wear a cast. When your pride is bruised, or your anger is flaring up, what do you do?

Regardless of your experience or comfort with directly addressing your emotional health, Bach Flower Essences are very effective. Dr. Edward Bach. the founder of Bach Flower Therapy, created a system fueled by simplicity.
There is a limited number of common emotional states. These basic tendencies can be combined with others to describe the emotional profile of any living thing. And, just as every yin has a yang, every negative emotion has an antidote. Dr. Bach discovered them in flower blossoms.

Bach essences are safe for absolutely everyone, and are very effective with proper use. Emotional stresses are gently shifted back into balance as our strongest weaknesses become our greatest strengths.
If you're ready to change your ineffective habits, then you're ready for Bach Flowers.

Better Living through Flowers
Bach Flower Therapy uses safe, natural flower essences which are absolutely safe for everyone.  During a consultation the client and practitioner will discuss emotional stresses and work to identify their sources.

A personalized group of essences will be combined for the client to use several times each day. Like water wearing away at a stone, regular use will gently and thoroughly change repetitive behavior patterns and refresh stale perspectives.

What you should expect at a Bach Flower consultation.

 Physical Health


Why Digestion?
The digestive tract is one of the most talked about organ systems in health care, and with good reason. Without proper digestion, we can’t possibly get what we need out of what we ingest. The thorough study of nutrition follows the food beyond getting to the mouth, to the biochemical level, where the foods are broken down, transported, and absorbed by the body’s cells. Only when all of these processes are working well can good nutrition be achieved.


They’re the only thing we ingest that actually has the ability to do work, and they’re on the scene whenever anything happens in our bodies. They’re what makes fruits ripen, and what modern medications alter in our bodies to get results. They’re also completely responsible for the stage of digestion between chewing the food and the stomach acid dump that happens about 30-45 minutes later.

Whole raw organic foods have enough enzymes to digest them contained, right inside, but enzymes begin to die when heated above 108F. (Those who like the way food tastes once it’s spent some time near the fire now have an option to supplement with plant based enzymes, so don’t worry.)

The key is that without those enzymes, every organ that follows in the digestive process needs to work harder to compensate, and that becomes stressful if it goes on for long. This stress is what begins the body’s uncomfortable process of alerting you to the problem through symptoms such as heart burn, belly-aches, ulcers, bloating and gas, constipation, diarrhea, and food cravings.
Treatment plans that attempt to eliminate symptoms without addressing the source of the stress may work, but only as well as covering your car’s “check engine” light with a piece of tape if your goal is to achieve overall health.
What’s involved?

Although it’s possible to work around some habits, work with nutrition requires a steady level of commitment. A new client should plan on a cluster of three monthly visits that will focus on personalized dietary recommendations, effectiveness of the digestive process, and improving the health of any stressed body systems or organs.
Compliance with dietary and supplement recommendations is expected, as every effort is made to provide goals that are reasonable and within the client’s reach.

Appointments become less frequent after the initial stage. Clients usually come in for quarterly maintenance visits to check for imbalances while they are still easy to correct, or to address specific health concerns as they arise.

What you should expect at a Nutritional consultation.

If you have a Vision of where you want to be I will help you to turn it into reality

What my Clients/Students say

Comments from a recent class Michelle taught about Bach Flower Therapy.

I thought the class was great. Michelle was thorough and had great examples. You can tell she loves the flowers. ”

Charlsie B. | Richmond, VA

“The Bach Flower class was wonderful. GREAT information. I have been begging for a Bach Flowers class. Michelle’s teaching style presented the material in a very organized easy to digest fashion including sample case studies where you could immediately apply and enforce the actual use of each essence. You know you can actually use them right away when she finished. It is nice to attend class and leave not only knowing you got good content but knowing how to use that content. Thank you. ”

Sue M. | Richmond, VA